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In India, a snake protects two pups for 48 hours after they accidentally fall into a hole. At first it was thought that she wanted to attack them, but then noticed she was caring for the puppies. When rescued, the snake was released into a forest. 

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that snake is going to snake heaven

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All her life she’s had to fight.

Ten years old watching family members catch bullets for crossing urban borders,

avoiding certain places and looking into certain faces because looks are fired bullets from a gun.

Walking into the nursery and finding a bullet hole gracing her baby brother’s pillow.

You see she is a warrior.

Surviving in this concrete jungle you all call reality, for her ain’t nothing but a nightmare.

Waking up to familiar faces, who force themselves into sacred spaces and say

“I’m doing this out of love baby girl!”

You see she is a warrior.

Helping mama make ends meet, going days without food so her siblings could eat.

Doing anything it took to make life a little easier.

Dealing if she had to, stealing if need be, because you get in where you fit in, that’s the law of the streets.

You see she is a warrior.

Fighting the urban war most people neglect to see, saying it’s just a bunch of low lives living in poverty.

Her fists are raised high to protect herself, to protect her siblings so that they might one day have a dream. Fighting a war with no ending in sight, she’s a survivor.

You see she is a warrior.

Sporting black a blue bruises as a badge of honor. Every scar a battle, every bloodied nose a reminder that you’re not the only one fighting this war.

You see she is a warrior.

And there ain’t no place for this concrete princess in my fairy tale book, because compared to her, Cinderella was always royalty. Her story would match that of Aladdin; only she can’t go for the prince. There is no magic genie granting her every wish, so she’s not a real princess is she?

You see she is a warrior.

Participating in a war not fought my common military, but she’s ducking and dodging bullets like the marines. Racing across the mine fields of life, praying her footsteps are deep enough for her siblings to follow and make it across the finish lines. Spending her lunch money on bus tickets so that she’d be the only one walking through the battle grounds. Because there is no bullet proof vest across her chest, so she could die at any moment, ‘cause on its side there is no printed name, so a bullet can befriend anyone’s skin.

You see she is a warrior.

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white girls trying to “twerk” smfh 



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